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New ambience progressive paradigm is a studio that is active in field of design and architecture. This studio is founded by shabnam khezeli and mehrad habibi and range of its activity include creation, optimization and research about all spaces and artifacts that influence on quality of our individual and social life.
We as the architects of “new ambience progressive paradigm” are always trying to bring forward our product of architectural practices as a [created] physical and spiritual space that is a result of linking among the project program and main factors of context like climate, culture, economy and society in addition to consider the professional commitments and different functions and scales. Creation and amplifying sense of place beside reimagining the limits of living environment are qualities of this space that will stand in a critical position during the process of finding an optimum answer to user and environment issues.
in addition to having aesthetic features, this desired space is in continuity with surrounded environment that interact with and It also creates a platform for constructive interactions for its target community. In this way, the scope of the space impact on its context is the base of the qualitative evaluation of it while it mutually affected by same context.
We believe that the recognition and formation of such a space is possible not only by explaining the noticeable physical elements of it, but also by considering both sensory and perceptual factors. Light and shadow, clarity and ambiguity, crowd and privacy, surfaces and boundaries, all embody a dynamic, active and, of course, responsive spatial space that is developed and constantly evolving through interaction with the environment.

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NAPP Architects

Shabnam Khezeli + Mehrad Habibi


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Creating places that enhance the human experience and improving quality of life with integrated approach

Interior Design

making the best possible use of the available space. Lights, materials, colors and furnitures have an influence on our perceptioin of space, health and efficiency.

Renovation & Revitalization

Reuse of existing resoures and preservation of historical places can maintain our culture, save energy , and reduce the costs.

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